NSX for vSphere is VMware’s network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center, delivering networking and security features entirely in software, abstracted from the underlying physical infrastructure.

Note: We will register Single NSX manager with single vCenter, 1:1 mapping and also make sure NSX manager have a proper NTP server set.  

NSX Manager Installation:

> NSX Manager is installed as a virtual appliance on any ESXi host in your vCenter environment. Please check below on how to deploy NSX ova file on ESXi host via vCenter. Make sure to put correct gateway, DNS server IP addresses, domain search list, and the NTP server IP address that the NSX Manager will use.

Login into NSX Manager with credentials which you have specified at the time of creation (Username is admin). Once you login into NSX Manager you see below screenshot, click on View Summary will show NSX Manager resource information and services detail.

Message Bus is based on RabbitMQ which is communicating with the infra. Basically queues up messages and delivers/distributes them. Verify that the vPostgres, RabbitMQ, and NSX Management Service services are running.

  1. Register NSX Manager with vCenter Server:

When you click on Manage TAB, you see below options. Make sure NTP server is correctly configured and it is recommended to use the same NTP server by the SSO since we are registering NSX with a vCenter.

Select Manage vCenter Registration or click on NSX management service under manage tab like below to register NSX with vCenter. Now Edit look up Service and Enter your Lookup Service IP or FQDN, The lookup service port (Default is 7444 in vSphere 5.5), and credentials then Accept the certificate and click OK. The lookup service port has changed in vCenter Server / vSphere 6.0 as 443 shown below.

Now click Edit for vCenter and provide vCenter administrator Credentials and click enter as below. It will ask for Trust Certificate, simply click Yes.

This is how it looks when you register your NSX with vCenter

Login into respective vCenter where you have registered your NSX Manager.

We will have new inventory in vCenter now.

Under Home TAB, now you would be able to see NSX Manager icon(Networking & Security) after registering NSX with this vCenter

To collect diagnostic information for VMware NSX for vSphere:

  1. In NSX Manager Virtual Appliance Management, click Download Tech Support Log.
  2. Click Download > Save.

2. Lets Configure and Deploy an NSX Controller Cluster, please click on below link:


3. Prepare ESXi Hosts for NSX, please click on below link


4 . Lets Prepare Logical Switch Networks Now: please click on below link